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Garreg Goch Caravans For Sale

I have spent most of my life holidaying in caravans and during this time, I have enjoyed the superb experiences caravans offer. They are places of peace and gentleness, offering a toasty fire and leaves you succumbed to calmness. I have never had the pleasure of staying in a Willerby Rio however- but it is easy to see why it arrests the attention of gleeful holiday-makers: its' opulent furniture makes it, in comparison to other caravans, a superior holiday home. It is also as spacious as it is lavish, with room for  'floating lounge seating', as well as a master and two twin bedrooms, which meets the desires of any family on holiday. Furthermore, it offers an exclusive laminate vinyl bathroom floor and a mirror in the lounge, which you can smile into after you realise just how good the Rio is.

Should the respectable holiday-goer need more, there are some special specified options to offer: for instance, instead of two twin bedrooms, you can have a double bed, as a second bedroom. In addition, you can have an electric fire and a MP3 sound system ( just don't let your teenage children play their music though). It can also be wheelchair friendly, which reiterates the fact that it meets the needs of all customers. Need I say more? As a caravaner myself, I must say that the Willerby Rio is an exceptional caravan, which I hope one day to use and if you like space and comfort... well, you can experience a bit more with the Rio.

As the name of it suggests, the Rio is situated in the surprisingly generous climate of North Wales, that offers an astounding coastline that leaves you mesmerised. The nature is so supreme in this area of Wales, which is illustrated through the cacophony of cheerful birds and dazzling plants. Do you like mountain climbing? The Piz Palu of Porthmadog, where Garreg Goch is situated, is of course Moel Y Gest. I have climbed it myself and I will admit, it is something that leaves you thrilled.

The view beneath is a fantastic spectacle and the sun deflects off the sea the way the beachballs bounce off the sand beside it. In addition, you can enjoy Black Rock sands, which will make your day brighter than the name itself.

Venture also into Criccieth itself, where I can give an exclusive suggestion to visit the Blue China, a friendly cafe that lies at the foot of Criccieth castle. It is a popular tourist attraction, that allows you to understand just how significant it was, as part of Edward I's 'Ring of Iron' castles across Wales. Also, on a hot day, visit Cadwaladers' ice cream, renowned for an abundance of luscious flavours( no wonder it's so famous). Through Criccieth, you can access other places, like Abersoch, that only takes a short time to reach. Abersoch has an array of wonderful, high profile shops and is the place, if this so meets your interests, where the best boats are sold by local brokers. Either going to Criccieth or Abersoch will guarantee a fun day out for the family, as well as the cease of groaning kids.

Back on Garreg Goch, as I have been made aware of, there is a new IT area where you can use iPads, Macs and other technology available. The wifi, as you may be totally aware of, isn't brilliant around the park, BUT, in the IT hub, the wifi works very well and can be a place to visit when you need to get football scores. The old, pre-modern toilet block has been demolished, paving way for more room, in which I am only sure will be used well. I have been a visitor at Garreg Goch for many years and the growth of it over the past years has been superb- so come over and visit, in a superb Willerby Rio! Quality is something that is always assured on Garreg Goch, but the Willerby Rio really is our favourite holiday home.

Q. How much is the Willerby Rio Gold?
A. £36,996

Q. How much are Garreg Goch's site fee's?
A. £2,519

Thank you for reading my blog about the Willerby Rio. You can find out more about the Willerby Rio on, as well as other caravans on Garreg Goch caravan park. I will be extremely grateful for feedback, so please voice your opinion, it's greatly appreciated!

Enjoy holidaying with us,

Isaac Brewer

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