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May 24, 2014 Coastdale Parks

Whitby Abbey shadows - explored at #18The cliffs of the coast are a haven for all manner of sealife and perfect for bird watching.  RSPB Bempton Cliffs is a family favourite, and easily the best place in England to see, hear and smell seabirds! From April to August more than 200,000 birds make the cliffs seem alive.  Take yourself on a bracing walk along chalk clifftops - at over 650 feet, they're Britain's highest.  The skies are filled with puffins, gannets and guillemots.  It's an astonishing sight.  The RSPB is developing a National Seabird Centre there too, which will make bird watching even more accessible.
English: Puffin on Bempton Cliffs In the breed...Whitby is the finest place for whale watching on the Yorkshire coast and early autumn evenings are the best time. Between mid September and early November, one of Whitby Coastal Cruises purpose-built, twin-decked pleasure boats leaves Whitby harbour in search of minke whales that follow the shoals of North Sea herring which swim down from the Arctic to their spawning grounds off Whitby.
English: Bempton Cliffs Bring binoculars, this...For an out of this world experience, head off to the eerily enchanting Spurn Point, a prime spot for migrating birdlife. This unique hooked finger of sand and shingle sweeps across the mouth of the Humber into the North Sea. At 5km long but a mere 50m wide at times, it's a ghostly wilderness and a National Nature Reserve with a weird beauty all of its own. Head for the deserted lighthouse at the fingertip and look for terns and plovers which nest among spiky, dusty-blue clumps of sea holly and the vivid yellow blossoms of horned holly.
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